Get your kids to listen without the yelling, ultimatums, or bribes.

Connect Method Parenting is for tired parents ready for a change.

Connect Method Parenting is about…

Feeling like your kids like you and WANT to listen

Creating deep, lasting relationships with them

Enjoying parenting and feeling confident

Life's too short to spend it battling with the kids.

This is a revolutionary new approach to parenting.

Hi! I'm Andee.

Mom of 6, reformed yeller, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting.

Trust me, I felt like a total failure every time my toddler threw a fit, my 10-year-old refused to do chores, or my teenager broke curfew and then told me “you’re the worst”.

Like you, I thought that punishments, bribes, time-outs, and ultimatums were the only way. And when those didn’t work, up went my temper, anxiety, and guilt.

Things changed when I started parenting with connection instead. My kids actually did what I asked! They confided in me! They respected the limits I set! I felt calm, confident, and IN CONTROL!

It felt like a miracle, but it’s actually very simple once you have the practical, science based steps.

'The most freeing work I've ever done...simple, fun, and it works! Better than any parenting book I've ever read.'
Working with Andee has been the most freeing work I’ve ever done. She has taken every parenting book I’ve ever read and created a program that’s better than them all. Her program is loaded with simple steps and tools that are usable and doable. It’s simple, fun and it works!

Rebecca B

League is my much-requested, drooled-over, fast-results-getting, Connect Method Parenting coaching group.

I'll coach you through the simple techniques our crew of Leaguers have used to transform their parenting:
Here's how it works

1. Join League

Join The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents and learn Connect Method Parenting (the parenting manual you never received, but should have!)

2. Become a calm, connected parent

Smash through parenting problems with group coaching calls, training, and support. I make it simple, straight forward, and easy to implement.

3. Enjoy your family like never before

Handle your parenting situations with compassion and confidence and enjoy smoother days, cooperation, and fun loving relationships with the kids.

Better relationships, more cooperation, loads of fun!

Take back control of your life with Connect Method Parenting.

Connect Method Parenting is your source to becoming:

  • Powerfully Persuasive (your kids are gonna WANT to listen)
  • Magnetically Connected (creating awesome relationships with your children)
  • Fun & Enjoyable (like you always thought parenting would be)


Feeling smooth. Parenting will just be humming along smoothly because you’ll know exactly what to do to keep chaos at a minimum, no matter what the kids are up to.

I hear ya! I had similar concerns. In fact, I used to resort to using punishments, rewards, bribes, ultimatums, time-outs because I thought if I didn’t use them my kids wouldn’t learn right from wrong. But the method is the message. You can’t teach kindness while yelling. You can’t teach patience while impatiently telling them to stop their melt-down.

Using Connect Method Parenting creates better listening, better learning, better interaction, and better parenting! You’re not passively waiting around hoping things will get better, you’re intentionally making it happen.

Yep…BIG tantrums, BIG emotions, BIG frustrations, BIG refusals, BIG defiance are no stranger to me.

They can trigger your fight and flight response, making it pretty tricky to navigate them.

Connect Method Parenting helps you learn how to see BIG SITUATIONS are an opportunity for BIG CONNECTION. A doorway for better relationships and huge personal growth for us parents.

When I became a mom I believed off-track behavior was:

  • Evidence my child was purposefully being difficult.
  • The result of me not being a good parent.
  • An indicator that something had gone wrong that I needed to fix.

But there are other reasons your kiddos are having the tantrum and defying you.

  • Maybe a friend had said something to him and he’s struggling to process it.
  • Maybe his brother took away his toy and he didn’t know what else to do.
  • Maybe his homework was challenging for him, and he felt like a failure.
  • Maybe his sandwich had been cut the wrong way.

The most important thing is to understand why he’s having a tantrum.

His feelings deserve validation (*even if you think he’s overreacting).

Offer empathy, then you’ll open the doors to understanding and connection with him.

Let him cry if he wants to cry. Normalize his reaction.

Help him feel safe. Remind him that you’re there for them.

CMP has got the goods to help you show up calm and connected with your kiddos even if they are hard.

It works for every age – the principles are the same no matter if your kids are toddlers, tweens, or teenagers (bonus: it actually works for adults too!)

The application is slightly different for teenagers vs toddlers, but I teach you how to implement it for each age. I also teach you how to implement it for different personality types since each kid is unique.

League is a monthly membership program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration, and exhaustion.

I’ll show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection. This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

You don't have to be a perfect parent to be the perfect parent for your child.

10,000+ parents have gone through Connect Method Parent trainings

“Last night my daughter got really mad. I let her be mad. I was able to stay with her and feel nothing but empathy for her. It took her a while but eventually, she calmed down, gave me a big hug, and said she loved me.” -Ali

I’m able to show up as the kind of parent I always wanted to be. When my kids start acting out I can be patient, understanding, AND firm if I need to set a limit. With Connect Method Parenting I finally figured out how to do it all!” -Brig

Start implementing Connect Method Parenting on the double.

Grab some free stuff right now:

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