"The behavior change with all my kids has been so remarkable."

A lifesaver! It’s just been, night and day in my house and I’ve been so, so grateful. We’ve been through several therapists and counselors and coaches and all sorts of different avenues. I tried everything I could think of. Andee is by far hands down the very best! She removed the fear of making mistakes.

I recommend Connect Method Parenting absolutely, hands down, no hesitation! She’s way better than anybody else that I have seen.

– Natalie

"I never knew it was possible to parent without punishments. I was skeptical at first...but it works!"

-Jill, mom of 3

"I’m enjoying parenting like I thought I always would."

– Angela, mom of teens

"Now I know what to do when they are fighting. I used to panic…not anymore thanks to CMP."

– Michele, mom to a couple of toddler

Your program is wonderful! I am amazed how dedicated, creative and innovative it is! Truly grateful!

– Laura, mom to a girl and two boys

"Andee has made such a tremendous change in my relationship with my kids."

“I didn’t know that there was another way of parenting! I just knew was that what I had been doing wasn’t working. Working with Andee and learning her Connect Method Parenting has really changed my life and transformed everything about my relationships with my kids and myself, and even with my husband.”

– Malerie, mom to two sweet elementary aged kiddos

"I don't have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in each situation."

“I was at the end of my rope with a couple of my kids. Every day was just a series of me having to get louder, meaner, more intense with consequences.  I’m just really grateful for everything that Andee has taught me. It’s made just a huge difference. I don’t have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in the situation. Overall I’m much more satisfied in my job as a mom”

– Sara, mom of 5

"I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture. "

“I was able to let go of a lot of this self judgment that I was holding on to about how I was a terrible mom and that I was never going to be enough. Helped me realize that connection is way more important than perfection. I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture.”

– Kaity, mom to lots of children born close together

"Connect Method Parenting is a game changer. I saw results so quickly and I can see and feel the difference in my connection with my girls"

I was struggling with my own responses to my emotional 5 yr old. I had tried lots of books, podcasts, articles. But I could never get them to “work” in my life despite them making tons of sense. I needed to be better for my kids! This is an investment in our family’s future.

I saw results so quickly. You work through so many real life situations that it makes so much sense. I can see the applications over and over. I can see and feel the difference in connection with my girls. Not that we don’t have issues, but we at very connected and we trust each other. I can feel that this is the foundation we need. Thank you, Andee!!

– Amanda, mom to a child on the spectrum

"Our relationship has become beyond what I could have imagined."

I was not very proud of how I was parenting – my son and I were very estranged. His emotions & behavior were running wild following my divorce from his dad. I felt powerless, and my tendency was just try to fix it, make it go away. 

 Luckily I came across Andee and Connect Method Parenting, and I can only tell you it’s been absolutely game-changing. It’s been priceless – we’re blossoming and thriving and our relationship has become beyond what I could have imagined!

– Lucie, single mom of 3 

"I consider working with Andee to be in the top 5 most important decisions I’ve ever made. "

It’s sort of impossible to imagine the compounding effect of changing these relationships with our kiddos so profoundly. I know being able to build this level of trust, this level of communication, this level of joy, bringing back the silliness, the kitchen dancing, all of these things add up to a very different life for me and my daughter. I’m incredibly grateful.

My happiness/confidence as a mom is so much greater, the love between my daughter and I, the trust, our ability to communicate, are all so much better it’s impossible to put a measure on it. But my relationship with my daughter is the most important one in my life and putting a solid, loving foundation under is something I do deeply wanted, but had no idea how to do. Now we have it, and we know how to connect to each other no matter what happens. There’s nothing better for me.

Andee makes this easy- she not judgemental about me or my kiddo, she’s kind and helps me to see the ways I can do just a little differently. Which means I can trust Andee enough to share what I am scared about, that’s a gift.

The other day, her favorite teacher made the decision to leave the school suddenly (which had not been previously announced). My daughter came home and threw a massive fit, which seemed out of the blue and totally out of character. I was able to think, (like Andee taught me) “this is literally the best she can do right now.” So I calmly set boundaries, (we don’t throw scissors), we don’t hit people, but you’re more than welcome to hit your bed and I can come with you if you’d like. 

Then finally after about 20 min of really unusual emotional outburst, I asked her if she wanted to talk about what was hurting in her heart. She climbed into my lap and burst into huge tears and said, “Ms.T left my class and I didn’t get time to say enough goodbyes and she’s the reason I love my class and and and…..” 

Before the connect method I would have likely sent her to her room for throwing the scissors, which would have meant she had to face the detachment from her teacher and detachment from me all by herself. Exactly what I wanted to avoid as a parent, but didn’t know how. Instead, I held her for a long time (and many times through the weekend as we looked at pictures of she and her teacher and memories came up) and we stayed connected through her big feelings. Amazing and totally impossible without Andee!

– Elizabeth, mom of one

"I love the mom this has helped me to become."

I love how present I am with my children and I love feeling good about my parenting at the end of the day! It’s also helped me personally to look at my life with curiosity and compassion, which has helped me make improvements in my own life.

– Sarah, mom to a bunch of boys and a baby girl

"This can help anyone grow from where they are to somewhere better."

It’s helped me set aside even intentional time each day to be the mom I want to be and things have shifted inside of me. I’m grateful that I came across it. It can help anyone grow from where they are to somewhere better.

– Janna, mom to 7 kids

"Shout-out for how much this is changing our family. Thank you, Andee!!!"

I can’t believe I didn’t have access to this energy and information 19 years ago when I started my momma journey, but better late than never!

– AnnMarie, mom of 10

"One connected conversation later, we got past mad, into sad, then smiles, laughter and hugs. HUGE SHIFT!"

Natalie Mom Before: “Aaaaah! STOP!” Kid: stew in anger for hours. Win for today: (Natalie Mom After): “Hey, kid, you had a hard time keeping your hands to yourself. That’s okay! You’ll get there!” One connected conversation later, we got past mad, into sad, then smiles, laughter and hugs. HUGE SHIFT! I love you Andee!!

– Natalie Hunsaker

"This seriously has changed my heart and my brain! Can’t imagine where I’d be without it! So worth it!"

– AM Norton

"My kids are finally listening to me!"

– Marie

"You light the path so I have a chance at creating an amazing relationship with my daughter. You are a gift in my life, I truly mean that. "

– Melissa

"CMP is helping me be a better mom. Thank you for listening to me. I love being a part of your group, Andee."

– Laura

"This program truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives."

I have truly enjoyed working with Andee. She has a wealth of knowledge, training and experience and has developed an inspired program, one that truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives in new and exciting ways.

If you are unhappy with the current results you’re getting, seeking personal growth, just want to up-level an area of your life, or would like to improve your relationships (especially with your children), I highly recommend coaching with Andee to help get you the results you really want.

– JB

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