I'm here to crack open your parenting genius!

Inside you is the power to change your home.

Your kids want you to use Connect Method Parenting because it means...

I'm all about freeing you from the hamster wheel of punishments, bribes, yelling, tears, and guilt.

Unlike most dry, complicated parenting advice, I make parenting fun again with simple, do-able, science-backed steps that actually work!


Relationships trump everything else. Rather than correction & rewards, it’s the human connection that creates kids who actually WANT to listen to you.


I give you straight-forward, practical steps and don’t overcomplicate things – I want you to get results as easily
and efficiently as possible.

Fun & Play

Parenting should be FUN! Playing is where the biggest bonds with our kids are formed (and is the biggest key to gaining trust & respect from them).

Science Based

The Connect Method of parenting is evidence-based and rooted in up-to-data science, so we’re not just crossing our fingers that it’ll work.


I believe everyone is doing the best
they can, and we can redefine our
“failures” into learning experiences
that create a better future.

I'm Andee. I teach parenting without correction.

It's called Connect Method Parenting. Using it is like eating your favorite bowl of cereal... delish, simple, and totally doable. Want some?

Lemme start by saying, punishments, bribes, ultimatums, timeouts, grounding…they aren’t gonna do the trick of getting the kids to listen – if they did we wouldn’t be having this conversation

Thing is, I always wanted to be the “Mother Teresa” kind of mom.

But eight years into parenting I had become the “yelling, frustrated, out-of-control” kind of mom. It felt awful!

That’s when I stopped believing in traditional parenting (thinking consequences and rewards worked) and started looking for a better way to parent.

After thousands of hours of research and loads of parenting practice (ahem...mistakes...sorry kids), I created Connect Method Parenting.

For over a decade, this amazing method has helped me (and the parents I've taught it to) know how to...

Will Connect Method Parenting really work & other FAQs?

Totally!  Nothing about parenting was like I thought it would be.  I read every parenting book and attended every parenting training I could.  Things did NOT get better. 

I WAS STUCK!!  I was exploding every day.  It took me years of struggling, failing, and searching for another way to parent that didn’t rely on punishments, rewards, bribes, lectures, or ultimatums before things got better.

It didn’t come easy.  I messed up a LOT!!!  Eventually, I created Connect Method Parenting. 

If I can turn around my parenting anyone can. 

Oooooh, great question!  

Answer…working with me is AH-mazing.  

The best and most challenging experience of your life.

“I think that success is having fun.” -Bruno Mars. 

I totally agree Bruno – so of course it’s going to be work but it’s also going to be fun.

For years I didn’t have fun with my parenting.

But ya know what?  

We’re smarter when we’re playing and having fun.

Play frees us up from the demands of life. 

Play helps us create deep bonds with others (ahem…our kids).

Play sets us up to creatively solve situations better (like the kids not doing their chores).

Play feels amazing.  

We’re for sure going to play and have fun while we’re upgrade your parenting tool box.

Haha…you’re a nosy one.  

I’m a bit of a learning junkie.  So here’s a short sampling.

  • Graduated college with my RN (registered nurse).  Loved working in labor and delivery.
  • Yoga Instructor.  My background with gymnastics has made this my go to exercise.
  • LCS Certified Life Coach. Amazing awareness and implementation tools to create massive change.
  • Certified Integrative Coach.  Incredibly powerful trama informed healing training. 
  • PSHY-K Faciliator.  Tools to help reprogram the subconsious.

League is a coaching program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration, and exhaustion.

I’ll show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection.

This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

You won’t get any judgy vibes from me.

We’re all doing the best we can!! None of us get it right all the time, and that is 100% the way it’s supposed to be.

If you catch yourself comparing yourself to others think of it as an indicator light that your self-love tank is low. 

You are amazing, 100% loveable, and worthy!!

True love is honoring yourself, your space, and everyone you’ve welcomed in.

A USEFUL question to spend time on.

How is it true that I am amazing?

Even if you feel like the best you can do today is B- parenting keep going.   

Do your best.

Stay curious.

And keep improving as you move forward.  

Your B- parenting today is going to give your kids A+ helpfulness.

OK OK I’ll play along.

I’m Andee.  Mom of 6 six, 3 boys and 3 girls ages 22-14.  

I grew up in Arizona. Oldest of seven children.

As a kid I loved our simple summer holidays to the mountains for two weeks with my 40 cousins and 4 aunts. We’d camp out for weeks in cabins built in the 50’s, no indoor bathroom in sight.

I was a competitive gymnast for years before using those mad tumbling skills to become a varsity cheerleader in high school (go Jackrabbits…yep that was our high school mascot)

My husband Scott was my first kiss at 17 (totally crazy right?!).

I was a Registered Nurse by 20.

I love to travel…especially Europe.

I’m obsessed with pastries (especially ones filled with cream cheese or Nutella).

I’m a minimalist who lives in a little cabin by a stream in the woods with my fam.

I’m a banna bread making pro (on Sundays I pretty much have to turn those brown babies into bread)

We have a sheepadoodle name Leia (like princess Leia on Star Wars) she’s enormous and has her begging skills for food perfected and we all LOVE HER!!!!

I think you were made to be a CMPer. That’s what you become the moment you subscribe. No hazing, promise. Are you ready? Join us in the League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents.

"Andee is incredible. I've learned so much from her!"

“Andee is incredible. She’s an amazing coach who is passionate about this work and her clients. Her vibrant and positive countenance just draws you in and creates an atmosphere perfect for learning and for growth. I have learned so much from her!”

– Hannah

Parent in a way that actually reflects the love you feel for your kids.

Want your kids to listen to you? Want to create more loving relationships? Want to increase cooperation and kindness? I help with that. Here's how:

The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents

League is my much-requested, drooled-over, fast-results getting, Connect Method Parenting group.

It’s a monthly membership program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration, and exhaustion.

I’ll show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection.

1-on-1 Connect Method Parenting Coaching

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