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Follow these simple steps:

1. To make sure you get my emails, please add me to your safe sender list. To make sure you get my texts, add me as a contact on your phone.
2. Download the mobile app for iPhone or Android. (We emailed you the username and password you’ll use to log in)
3. Download and print the Cultivate Book and the CM Planner. I’ll explain these in the first module of Cultivate (which is in the app)
4. Join the League HQ community website and download the HQ mobile app. 
When you log into the app you will get access to videos that explain each item above. You’ll also find a link to the Live Coaching Call schedule (get it on the calendar!) as well as the Recorded Coaching Calls.

Please email us at [email protected] if you need help

"I never knew it was possible to parent without punishments. I was skeptical at first...but it works!"


"I’m enjoying parenting like I thought I always would."

– Angela

"Now I know what to do when they are fighting. I used to panic…not anymore thanks to CMP."

– Michele

Your program is wonderful! I am amazed how dedicated, creative and innovative it is! Truly grateful!

– Laura

"Andee has made such a tremendous change in my relationship with my kids."

“I didn’t know that there was another way of parenting! I just knew was that what I had been doing wasn’t working. Working with Andee and learning her Connect Method Parenting has really changed my life and transformed everything about my relationships with my kids and myself, and even with my husband.”

– Malerie, mom of two adorable elementary aged kids

"I don't have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in each situation."

“I was at the end of my rope with a couple of my kids. Every day was just a series of me having to get louder, meaner, more intense with consequences.  I’m just really grateful for everything that Andee has taught me. It’s made just a huge difference. I don’t have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in the situation. Overall I’m much more satisfied in my job as a mom”

– Sara, mom to 5 kiddos ages 20-12

"I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture. "

“I was able to let go of a lot of this self judgment that I was holding on to about how I was a terrible mom and that I was never going to be enough. Helped me realize that connection is way more important than perfection. I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture.”

– Kaity, mom to lots of young children born super close together 🙂 

"This seriously has changed my heart and my brain! Can’t imagine where I’d be without it! So worth it. Works with kids of any age!"

– AM, mom of 10 kids

"My kids are finally listening to me!"

– Marie, mom to a toddler and a 12 year old

"You light the path so I have a chance at creating an amazing relationship with my daughter. You are a gift in my life, I truly mean that. "

– Melissa, single mom of a 6 year old daughter

"CMP is helping me be a better mom. Thank you for listening to me. I love being a part of your group, Andee."

– Laura, mom of 3 kids one on the spectrum