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Secure your spot in the July/August CMP Study

Those accepted into the study will go through the 8-Week Pivot for FREE (there is a $200 refundable deposit to ensure participation, but you get it back after the 8-weeks)!

Why free? Because we want more data and I’m willing to put myself on the line to gather that.

If you apply, pay your $200 deposit and are NOT accepted into the study we’ll refund your deposit within 2 business days of applying.

We're on a mission to help parents see how it's easier to parent using connection instead of correction!
Averages from our February 2024 CMP Study:

Kids listening went up 251%

Relationships improved by 202%

Parents' ability to handle challenging parenting situations went up by 246%

You don’t want to miss out out on our July/August CMP Study if you’re ready to increase the listening and connection with your children!! On July 15th the CMP Study will start and we will not let anyone into our programs until September. 

Applications will close July 13th

"The program is a game changer. I saw results so quickly and I can see and feel the difference in my connection with my girls"

I was struggling with my own responses to my emotional 5 yr old. I had tried lots of books, podcasts, articles. But I could never get them to “work” in my life despite them making tons of sense. I needed to be better for my kids! This is an investment in our family’s future.

I saw results so quickly. You work through so many real life situations that it makes so much sense. I can see the applications over and over. I can see and feel the difference in connection with my girls. Not that we don’t have issues, but we at very connected and we trust each other. I can feel that this is the foundation we need. Thank you, Andee!!

– Amanda
Here's what's included with the CMP Study:

01. Daily Work in CMP App

The secret sauce to change in your household will be IMPLEMENTATION.

Only through WORK will you transform connective principles into truly connected relationships. Only with daily effort can you stop the yelling and fighting once and for all.

You will have daily, weekly, monthly, one time, and other assignments during the 8-weeks. They will be challenging, but worth it.

My commitment to implementation is so strong that my husband built an app JUST to help you IMPLEMENT CMP principles.

02. Regular Office Hours

I get it, your struggles are very specific and unique. It can become very un-motivating if you don’t see how this assignment or concept applies to your specific situation.

That’s why we have DAILY office hours. Every day you will have the option to hop on and either be coached through your situation, or watch other moms get coached through theirs.

03. In-App Feedback Comments

As you submit work through the app, detailing situations and your approaches to those situations, I will give many in-app comments with suggestions, pointers, etc.

If you are working hard, I will ensure you are working in the right direction, on the right things.

04. The CMP Texting Helpline

CMP Hotline: 24/7 support. If you’re feeling stuck about anything at all, you can text us and we’ll get back to you with answers asap.

"This program truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives."

I have truly enjoyed working with Andee. She has a wealth of knowledge, training and experience and has developed an inspired program, one that truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives in new and exciting ways.

If you are unhappy with the current results you’re getting, seeking personal growth, just want to up-level an area of your life, or would like to improve your relationships (it works with teens, toddlers, tweens and even adult children), I highly recommend coaching with Andee to help get you the results you really want.

– Jennifer, single mom of a 7 year old girl

Frequently Asked Questions

The CMP Study is going to change your parenting forever.

When you join, you’ll experience our 8-Week Parenting Pivot for FREE. This is the first part of League. Why FREE? Because we have a goal to change the landscape of parenting. AND in order to do that we need statistical data to prove that CMP works. 

So you get to come through our program and you give us permission to track your progress and create a case study of your experience over the 8-weeks.

We do need you to complete the 8-Week Parenting Pivot to collect the data needed for the study. So, we ask you to pay a 100% refundable $200 deposit to show your commitment. We need to know you’re invested in doing the work. The resources we allocate to support you throughout the program are substantial. So the $200 deposit is your commitment that you will show up and do the work. In order for us to collect the results we need participants to complete the 8-Week Parenting Pivot.

The results from our previous CMP Study are off the charts! We’ve seen up to 400% increases in some areas and 200-300% in most.

Ready to revolutionize your parenting? Dive into the next round now!

League is a unique, makeover-style parenting program that will get your kids WANTING to listen to you, create better relationships with them, and help you stop using punishments for good. It’s video modules, live support, a course, and a community!

League starts with an intense 8-Week Parenting Pivot that gets your CMP Framework established.

Then we transition into a monthly styled pace that’s carefully curated to get those new neural pathways we started creating in the 8-Week Parenting Pivot to go from baby neural pathways into mature neural pathways firmly established in your subconscious brain so they become your new default.

The main meat of it is in a slick App that walks you step by step from correcting and frustrated —> to connected and calm. Inside the App you’ll find a calendar of upcoming events, replays, trainings, interactive implementation exercises, and more. 

The Private Podcast feed houses the replays and trainings you can access in the app in an easy to use audio version. You listen to it all right inside your podcast player of choice. For busy moms this bonus way of digesting he CMP goodness you’ll find inside of League is a must.


The 8-Week Parenting Pivot and CMP Mastery are phase one and two of League, respectfully. The first 8-Weeks of League is like an intense parenting bootcamp. It’s fast paced. In 8 weeks you learn the entire CMP Framework at a foundational level. Then to create lasting permeant change they transition into slower deeper implementation cadence to create CMP Mastery.

Of course there’s hope. This kind of parenting works with even the most challenging children. How? Because this kind of parenting starts with YOU.  You focus on your nervous system, processing your emotions and working on your mindset. The work you do on yourself creates a chain reaction. Your neural pathways change. They begin sending out new messages via your mirror neurons, and your kids feel that. The more regulated, compassionate and if needed firm you are when things go off-track the more regulated and compassionate your kids will become. 

Once your application to join League has been approved, you’ll get an email and text message with instructions for how to download the League app (works on iPhone and Android phones), along with the password you’ll use to log into the CMP App which will give you instructions on what to do next to get started. You’ll also receive notices about our next live coaching call and a link to subscribe to the League Private Podcast Feed.

I hear ya! I’d plan on investing 1-2 hours a week learning and implementing CMP. 

If you do all the work and aren’t able to make progress with your parenting we’ll give you your money back (but we’ve never had to do this).

YES! CMP works for children and parents of all ages because we get to the root of what makes a human a human and heal and connect from the inside out. I’ll give you age appropriate things to say or do, but all of the things I teach you to do come from the same 3 CMP Strategies and core philosophies of Developmental Psychology, Attachment Theory, and Trauma Informed and Nervous System friendly frameworks. Which isn’t constrained to a specific age or stage. 

Fabulous question. I figured you might be wondering so here’s the answer.
The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents is a LIVE Connect Method Parenting coaching program.
When you sign up for a year you get The 8 Week Parenting Pivot, and the 10 month CMP Mastery.
  • LIVE Coaching Calls
  • The CMP App
  • Ask Andee 24/7 support
  • The Private Podcast Feed
  • Office Hours
  • Bonus Trainings, Courses, and Replays

Having access to LIVE coaching is CRITICAL to successfully implementing Connect Method Parenting.

It makes all the difference. You’ll don’t get this in just a course.

This level of coaching isn’t available in programs at this price point. I wanted to change that. I wanted anyone who was ready to dive into implementing Connect Method Parenting to be able to jump in and get to work.

I wanted to give you everything you needed to create real transformation (I refused to cut corners).

I knew for real transformation to happen League HAD to have…

  • Training and learning modules that were easy to consume
  • LIVE coaching to navigate real-life situations
  • Support and accountability to stay committed when things got tough

League offers ALL of these things. It’s is a no-brainer. Come as you are.

  • Choose to create something different using connection, not correction. 
  • Commit to staying with it, even when things are tough.
  • Create something different for you and your family.’ll

93% of parents say they’ve resorted to yelling at their kids by the time they are four.

That’s because they’re using consequences and rewards to try to parent their kids. It’s not working!

Parenting has become synonymous with discipline. Yet parenting is NOT the sum total of us telling our kids what they can and can’t do. Parenting is about making it easy and fun for your children to thrive and fulfill their potential.

Time to change the conversation about parenting.

After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend workshops and watching online webinars, I realized that most parenting advice is focused on the theory instead of practice and kids instead of the adults.  Connect Method Parenting pays attention to the triggers and blocks that parents themselves have that prevent us from showing up the way we want to for our kids. They know better but they can’t do better–and that’s incredibly frustrating for a parent.

Unlike other parenting methods Connect Method Parenting uses Developmental Psychology as its foundation, is trauma informed and uses a whole body implementation approach to empowering parents to change the way they parent and lose their dependency on consequences and rewards.

If you find yourself losing your temper and yelling often, you’re going to love Connect Method Parenting! 

You’ll learn what’s behind your frustration and uncontrolled temper. 

I’m a reformed yeller myself…so I get your struggle. After yelling for years I finally figured out how to stop yelling and letting my temper get away from me and I can’t wait to share what I discovered with you.

I’ve got the goods to help you get control of your temper and move from where you are to where you want to be with your parenting.

The frameworks I teach you in this course will be life-changing for you even if you aren’t getting the support you would like from others around you.

While I always love seeing both parents jumping in to learn and apply these principles, part of my focus for this course is on helping individuals recognize how much power and capability they have on their own. 

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you come live or listen to the replays. Its equally powerful, and there are plenty of ways to get your questions answered and support without coming to the calls/trainings live.

What really matters is not if you come live or listen to the replays. What really matters is do you take action on what you learn and implement it.

Knowledge is great. But action is required to make a permanent shift with your parenting. That’s why League is equal parts learning and implementation. Listen to the calls/trainings whenever you can, take action on what you’ve learned and get support if you have questions, need support, want to celebrate a win or just need a little nudge to keep the momentum going. 

"This seriously has changed my heart and my brain! Can’t imagine where I’d be without it! So worth it. Works with kids of any age!"

– AM, mom of 10 kids

"My kids are finally listening to me!"

– Marie, mom to a toddler and a 12 year old

"You light the path so I have a chance at creating an amazing relationship with my daughter. You are a gift in my life, I truly mean that. "

– Melissa, single mom of a 6 year old daughter

"CMP is helping me be a better mom. Thank you for listening to me. I love being a part of your group, Andee."

– Laura, mom of 3 kids one on the spectrum

"This has literally changed everything for me.
I'm forever grateful for this opportunity!"

– Amelia