Say YES to hard

say yes

Say yes to life being hard.

It’s ok.

It’s ok if you haven’t been the perfect parent.

You’re simply a human.

It’s ok if you didn’t have perfect parents.

They were humans. Still are.

It’s ok if you don’t have a perfect body.

Not sure that even matters, at all!

It’s ok if you have frustration, worry, or fear.

They come installed in your brilliant brain.

Hard can be used to evolve us.

Painful emotions often ignite the best ideas.

Ideas like pillows and indoor plumbing.

It’s ok that our hearts break sometimes.

They also heal.

We get stronger when it’s harder.

Strong is good.

Life is as hard as it needs to be.

Don’t make it harder, by wishing it was easier.

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Andee Martineau

Andee’s a mom of 6, reformed yeller, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting. She’s on a mission to help moms feel in control, bring the fun back into parenting, and ditch the yelling, corrections, and endless feelings of failure!

Can you imagine your kids happily listening to you, helping around the house, confiding in you, and getting along with their siblings? She’s got you covered with simple, scientifically-sound steps to do just that (that actually work. For real!)

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