Happy "Get Your Kids To WANT To Listen" Day!
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A Connect Method Parenting coaching program to help you...

Important question for those who have read all the parenting books and tried all the techniques... but still, the kids just won’t listen.

What's the difference between those mythical "fun, calm" moms with perfectly behaved kids, and the moms who are worn down by constant battle?

I know you’re caring, hardworking, and want to be a calm connected parent for your kids.

But the reality is parenting is so much harder than you were imagining.

Instead of snuggly closeness, you're constantly drowning in anxiety, frustration, and 40 tons of first class 'Mom Guilt'.

All you want is for your household to feel peaceful and your kids to grow up to be happy, successful humans.

But, nope… you feel completely out of control. Everything’s chaotic because the kids don’t listen and they talk back. The toddler’s melting down. The house is a mess. They’re always fighting. One of them is getting bad grades.

You feel like you’re constantly yelling, which makes you feel awful.

You yearn for a close relationship with them where they WANT to listen, and feel like they can confide in you.

But your relationship with your kids is just a disaster and it makes you so sad, especially when it feels like you’re doing everything you’re “supposed” to be doing. 

We have a societal parenting problem - but it isn't your fault.

We've been told over and over again that the right way to parent is time outs, gold stars, and lectures galore.

But if any of that actually worked in the long run, then why does the following seem so painfully familiar?

You deserve to have parenting feel more like enjoying your favorite dessert (and less like forcing down a bag of raw kale).

Let's be real though... you're not asking for perfect kids. You just want:

Is this really SO much to ask? 

And what’s so frustrating is that you’re doing everything you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing as a parent but it just isn’t working. You’re ready to try something different but you just don’t know what. 

But you know there HAS to be solution.

4 myths that are keeping you stuck in this frustrating parenting nightmare:

Myth #1

If you don't go hard with the consequences, your kids will become delinquents.

It’s totally normal to worry about this, but it’s actually not the case at all. Kids respond WAY better to having limits set, and respecting them, when it’s been paired with a steady stream of parental connection. Going hard with consequences makes them more likely to misbehave. 

Myth #2

You've already screwed them up and it's too late to fix it.

You may have read things making it sound like behavior is impossible to change after a certain age. If your kids are older, I don’t blame you for wanting to give up! But I promise it’s not too late. Kids of all ages (and adults too) respond better to connection. I know because my older kids were teens before I figured this stuff out and it still worked to transform our relationship. 

Myth #3

Your kids are just "too hard". Way worse than everyone else's.

Wrong again. While I can’t diagnose or treat your child if they have medical issues that affect their behavior, I CAN equip you to stay calm and connected, and parent better no matter your situation. There’s not a single person who has implemented what I teach you and not improved their relationship with their kids – no matter how “hard” or “easy” their kids are.
Myth #4

You don't have what it takes. You've tried so many times before. Maybe you're the problem.

Nope. I make this simple, and do-able with practical steps that any parent can put into action. I have helped the most volatile parents regain confidence and learn the tools that allow them to transform their parenting. It will require work, but we can do this… together!

Solving this parenting dilemma is more critical than ever.

Your kids are only kids once... you want to look back with no regrets, knowing that you had the best relationship with them that you could.

It’s not that you JUST want them to listen and comply with your requests (although you do.)

You want to feel like you’re doing a good job at the most important, meaningful role – raising your kids to be happy, kind, successful humans.

To ensure you’ll have a close, positive relationship with your kids for the rest of their lives.

Connect Method Parenting is the simple framework I’ve developed to make this totally realistic and do-able. And the League is my Connect Method Parenting coaching program where you can learn Connect Method Parenting and get supported all along the way as you implement it!      

What if your day looked like...

Calm & In Control

You walk into a messy kitchen (that the kid’s promised to clean up), and instead of flipping out when you see the mess, you know exactly what to do… ten minutes later you’re sitting in the clean kitchen enjoying a game of UNO with the kids.

Close & Connected

Your daughter comes to you when she’s struggling with college and boyfriend issues. She wants your help and advice. After a few hours of talking she says, “Mom thanks for always being there for me.”

Smooth & Breezy

You LOVE connecting with your kiddos at bedtime! You turn on music while they brush their teeth, read stories with them, and sing to them before turning off the lights. Bedtime used to be a battle, but now you actually look forward to it.

Hi, I'm Andee. Here's my story.

After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend parenting workshops and watching video parenting trainings for hours on end I was told that consequences and rewards were the answer to my parenting problems.

Believe me, I tried to make the consequence reward strategy work! 

But having 6 kiddos in 8 years kicked me in the butt. There wasn’t enough of me to control all of them with consequences and rewards.

I felt lost, alone, and like I was failing at parenting. 

Things didn’t turn around for years. Not until I realized the problem was the parenting framework itself. Not me.

It didn’t work because my parenting approach was built on the assumption that discipline was essential to parenting.

It isn’t true!

Consequences and rewards are NOT the solution to getting kids to behave better, listen better or make better choices.

At the time this was scary. If I didn’t have consequences what did I have?! If I let those things go wouldn’t I be an irresponsible parent and have children who were out of control?

What if it was possible to parent without punishments? I was determined to find out. What did I have to lose? Consequences and rewards weren’t really working.  

It took time to figure out a connective parenting. Eventually I cracked the code and ended up creating what I now call Connect Method Parenting.

My oldest is now in his 20’s and my baby is a teenager. With over two decades of parenting experience I now get to help parents learn what took me years to figure out — the secrets to getting their kids to WANT to listen without the yelling, ultimatums, or bribes.

My life’s work is to help parents create dreamy relationships with their children, have loads of fun, and know how to handle any challenging behavior with compassion, confidence and connection.

Over the years CMP has gathered momentum and it shows no signs of slowing down! I’ve taught my methodology to over 10,000 parents!

The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents is a Connect Method Parenting coaching program. 

Inside League you get to change your parenting forever by implementing Connect Method Parenting.

Once you join League you’ll go to bed without feeling that nagging parenting regret. The kids will get along better. You’ll feel less frustrated. The kids’ cooperation will get better. Your parent child relationships will deepen. You’ll have lots of fun parenting!

How?! By learning Connect Method Parenting and become a pro at implementing. This is exactly what we do inside League! 

In League you get…

  • The Connect Method Parenting Masters Course
  • LIVE CMP calls
  • A private community
  • A Connect Method Parenting Playbook
  • 24/7 support for questions that pop up 
  • BONUS Connect Method Parenting resources and courses

All for about the cost of a daily cup of coffee from Starbucks.


I created The League for you...

The League is a Connect Method Parenting coaching program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration and exhaustion.

I’m going to show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection.

This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

When you understand the principles at play in these “triggery” situations, parenting actually gets a lot simpler.

Suddenly you’ll realize that all of the chore charts, chore system, and consequence parenting tactics are not nearly as important as you thought.

"The program is a game changer. I saw results so quickly and I can see and feel the difference in my connection with my girls"

I was struggling with my own responses to my emotional 5 yr old. I had tried lots of books, podcasts, articles. But I could never get them to “work” in my life despite them making tons of sense. I needed to be better for my kids! This is an investment in our family’s future.

I saw results so quickly. You work through so many real life situations that it makes so much sense. I can see the applications over and over. I can see and feel the difference in connection with my girls. Not that we don’t have issues, but we at very connected and we trust each other. I can feel that this is the foundation we need. Thank you, Andee!!

– Amanda

A Connect Method Parenting coaching program where you dive into implementing CMP and change your parenting forever.

Less yelling, more connecting, with all the support you need.

League is a Connect Method Parenting coaching program giving you exactly what you need to move from frustration, disconnection, and correction to confidence, connection, and peace.

You’ll get instant access to everything you need to start yelling less, the kids to start listening more right away.

The CMP app dishes up the training, replays, live calls —  so you can take the principles of Connect Method Parenting and implement them in your real-life situations today!

What You Pay: $79/month

"I never knew it was possible to parent without punishments. I was skeptical at first...but it works!"


"I’m enjoying parenting like I thought I always would."

– Angela

"Now I know what to do when they are fighting. I used to panic…not anymore thanks to CMP."

– Michele

Your program is wonderful! I am amazed how dedicated, creative and innovative it is! Truly grateful!

– Laura

Here's what you can expect once you're in...

Here is a sampling of what you can experience after implementing Connect Method Parenting:

You communicate with your kids calmly (no yelling)

Your kids listen and comply with your requests

Your house is organized and runs smoothly

The kids get along with their siblings

Parenting your kids is actually fun

Your kids trust you and feel like they can confide in you

You're no longer afraid about your kids causing scenes in public

You feel in control of what happens in your household

Here's how all of this could unfold:
When you start learning:
You’ll likely be blown away when you first realize why correction-based parenting is so prevalent in our society today. You’ll also inspect your thinking and beliefs about parenting that will change everything for you.
When you start applying:
You’ll feel amazing when you have your first experience, with what used to be a triggery situation for you, but now has been completely reframed and doesn’t end in an ounce of frustration.
When your kids start noticing:
Your kids will start to see a difference and they won’t know what’s going on. Slowly but surely you’ll see evidence in their eyes that this new approach is sinking in and making a difference.
As you keep implementing:
Over time, you’ll start to feel your confidence growing because you’re having more and more experiences with true connection with your kids. Your increased confidence and peace as a mom will renew your energy and excitement for life.
Here's how I'm setting you up to win...
Straight to the meat...no fluff
You’re a busy mom so I’ve only included the content I think is most important. In a few hours you’ll be able to go through the entire course and have what you need to start changing your parenting paradigm.
Listen on the go
I know you’re busy…so easy access is a #1 priority for me. You can download all the material in our mobile app to make it easy to listen to it in the car, while washing the dishes, or going on a walk.
Powerful Concepts + Actionable Info
Looking at connection based parenting from a few different angles gives you a perspective that makes it easier to understand how it is so different from a correction based parenting approach. I also turn the concepts into specific steps you can take.
Proven results

Connect Method Parenting works! It’s backed by studies, and research, but even more importantly it’s back by real life stories of moms who tried it and they started yelling less, the kids started listening better, and the joy and fun of being a mom went through the roof.

Here's what's included with League:

01. Connect Method Parenting Masters Course & Playbook ($1999)

Every League member instantly gets access to the revolutionary CMP Masters Course. It takes you through simple and doable steps making implementing Connect Method Parenting™ inevitable. It’s like getting a masters degree in parenting!

The CMP Masters Course is designed to intentionally to create major life-altering discoveries for YOU so that yelling, ultimatums, bribes, time-outs, grounding, etc… are no longer your go to parenting tools.

02. Additional Resources ($499)

In addition to the CMP Masters Course you’ll also get access to other life-changing resources to help you with your parenting goals.

  • The Big MAMA Goal Creator: a step by step process to creating clear, measurable and achievable parenting goals that you will shift things for you and your family
  • The Weekly Tracker: with the click of a button you’ll track your progress making you 76% more likely to achieve your parenting goals
  • The Daily PEACE: a tool that will help you implement Connect Method Parenting in real life no matter what’s happening

03. League's Private Podcast Feed ($199)

You’ll get the courses, call schedule, replays in the CMP app that you’ll download in the app store. 

No more trying to remember the website or login to get quick access to everything you need to go from corrective to connective parenting. 

To make it even easier you can listen to the CMP Masters Course and Call Replays in a private podcast feed. Learn while at soccer practice or listen while you drive.

04. Weekly Live Calls and League Headquarters ($1699)

LIVE coaching calls: where you get real and work on your specific issues. If you can’t make every live call, it’s OK. I record them and post replays in the app and podcast feed.

League Headquarters: rub shoulders with amazing parents, access the CMP Masters Course, watch replays, and get info on all live events.

Incredible bonuses:

05. STEAR: A tool for understanding and solving any parenting problem ($249 Value)

Have you ever wished you had a roadmap to follow when your kids act out or ignore you? STEAR gives you a quick reference for solving every parenting problem you’ll ever run into. 

06. Meditation Support ($49 Value)

Practice being present. Calm your nervous system. Allow yourself to become the connected mom you want to become.

"This program truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives."

I have truly enjoyed working with Andee. She has a wealth of knowledge, training and experience and has developed an inspired program, one that truly empowers mothers to take ownership of their lives in new and exciting ways.

If you are unhappy with the current results you’re getting, seeking personal growth, just want to up-level an area of your life, or would like to improve your relationships (it works with teens, toddlers, tweens and even adult children), I highly recommend coaching with Andee to help get you the results you really want.

– Jennifer, single mom of a 7 year old girl

"I love the mom this has helped me to become."

I love how present I am with my children and I love feeling good about my parenting at the end of the day! It’s also helped me personally to look at my life with curiosity and compassion, which has helped me make improvements in my own life.

– Sarah, mom to 5 boys & a brand new baby girl

"This can help anyone grow from where they are to somewhere better."

It’s helped me set aside even intentional time each day to be the mom I want to be and things have shifted inside of me. I’m grateful that I came across it. It can help anyone grow from where they are to somewhere better.

– Janna, mom to 7 kids ages 20-7

"Shout-out for how much this is changing our family. Thank you, Andee!!!"

I can’t believe I didn’t have access to this energy and information 19 years ago when I started my momma journey, but better late than never!

– AnnMarie, mom of 10 kids ages 21-1

You will love it!
There's only one way this will work for me... And that's if you are 100% satisfied.

I am very confident that you’re going to be blown away by League, but if for any reason you don’t see results, reach out. We’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of you having amazing success and figure out what needs to happen to turn things around.

Today could be the turning point for you and your family.
For many years, I had an eery question stuck in the back of my mind: What if I don't figure this out until it's too late?

What if my kids grow up and leave my house and I haven’t created the connection I want that will last a lifetime? Have you ever thought that?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can figure this out, and you can make very fast progress, if you’re committed. And I’m here to help. In fact, that’s the whole reason I created this course. It’s a simple, quick way for you to have an experience with Connective Parenting that will give you hope and courage.

But you need to take the first step.

If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably got 9 plates spinning at this very moment. The temptation is probably just to keep plugging away and see if anything changes.

But the thing is that you’ll always be busy and every moment is precious. Before you know it, years will go by and nothing will have changed. I don’t want that for you. I want to invite you to make today be the first day of a new life for you as a parent and for your family.

"Andee has made such a tremendous change in my relationship with my kids."

“I didn’t know that there was another way of parenting! I just knew was that what I had been doing wasn’t working. Working with Andee and learning her Connect Method Parenting has really changed my life and transformed everything about my relationships with my kids and myself, and even with my husband.”

– Malerie, mom of two adorable elementary aged kids

"I don't have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in each situation."

“I was at the end of my rope with a couple of my kids. Every day was just a series of me having to get louder, meaner, more intense with consequences.  I’m just really grateful for everything that Andee has taught me. It’s made just a huge difference. I don’t have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in the situation. Overall I’m much more satisfied in my job as a mom”

– Sara, mom to 5 kiddos ages 20-12

"I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture. "

“I was able to let go of a lot of this self judgment that I was holding on to about how I was a terrible mom and that I was never going to be enough. Helped me realize that connection is way more important than perfection. I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture.”

– Kaity, mom to lots of young children born super close together 🙂 

What are you waiting for?

Become a calm, connected parent.

Less yelling, more connecting, in just a few days.

What you Pay: $79/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your application to join League has been approved, you’ll get an email and text message with instructions for how to download the League app (works on iPhone and Android phones), along with the password you’ll use to log into the CMP Masters Course will be unlocked immediately and you can start listening/watching right away.

You’ll also receive notices about our next weekly live coaching call, a link to subscribe to the League Private Podcast Feed and an invite to join the League Community.

You’re gonna love League!

There’s only one way this will work for me…and that’s if you are 100% satisfied.

I am very confident that you’re going to be blown away by League, but if for any reason you don’t see results reach out.  We’ll get to the bottom of out what’s getting in the way of you having amazing success and figure out what needs to happen to turn things around. 

Connect Method Parenting works with children of all ages.

It’s never too early or too late to start using connective parenting and see a huge shift.

Fabulous question. I figured you might be wondering so here’s the answer.
The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents is a LIVE Connect Method Parenting coaching program.
When you sign up for a year you get lifetime access to the CMP Master Course PLUS a one year membership to League. 
  • LIVE Weekly Calls.
  • The League Community
  • The Private Podcast Feed
  • Bonus Trainings, Courses, and Replays

Having access to LIVE coaching is CRITICAL to successfully implementing Connect Method Parenting.

It makes all the difference. You’ll don’t get this in just a course.

This level of coaching isn’t available in programs at this price point. I wanted to change that. I wanted anyone who was ready to dive into implementing Connect Method Parenting to be able to jump in and get to work.

I wanted to give you everything you needed to create real transformation (I refused to cut corners).

I knew for real transformation to happen League HAD to have…

  • Training and learning modules that were easy to consume
  • LIVE coaching to navigate real-life situations
  • Support and accountability to stay committed when things got tough

League offers ALL of these things. It’s is a no-brainer. Come as you are.

  • Choose to create something different using connection, not correction. 
  • Commit to staying with it, even when things are tough.
  • Create something different for you and your family.’ll

93% of parents say they’ve resorted to yelling at their kids by the time they are four.

That’s because they’re using consequences and rewards to try to parent their kids. It’s not working!

Parenting has become synonymous with discipline. Yet parenting is NOT the sum total of us telling our kids what they can and can’t do. Parenting is about making it easy and fun for your children to thrive and fulfill their potential.

Time to change the conversation about parenting.

After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend workshops and watching online webinars, I realized that most parenting advice is focused on the theory instead of practice and kids instead of the adults.  Connect Method Parenting pays attention to the triggers and blocks that parents themselves have that prevent us from showing up the way we want to for our kids. They know better but they can’t do better–and that’s incredibly frustrating for a parent.

Unlike other parenting methods Connect Method Parenting uses Developmental Psychology as its foundation, is trauma informed and uses a whole body implementation approach to empowering parents to change the way they parent and lose their dependency on consequences and rewards.

If you find yourself losing your temper and yelling often, you’re going to love Connect Method Parenting! 

You’ll learn what’s behind your frustration and uncontrolled temper. 

I’m a reformed yeller myself…so I get your struggle. After yelling for years I finally figured out how to stop yelling and letting my temper get away from me and I can’t wait to share what I discovered with you.

I’ve got the goods to help you get control of your temper and move from where you are to where you want to be with your parenting.

The frameworks I teach you in this course will be life-changing for you even if you aren’t getting the support you would like from others around you.

While I always love seeing both parents jumping in to learn and apply these principles, part of my focus for this course is on helping individuals recognize how much power and capability they have on their own. 

Imagine experiencing all of this (no, I mean it, close your eyes and really feel it)...

You feel calm and collected in every parenting situation

You feel content knowing your kids are on track to becoming functioning, civilized people

You feel like you're doing a good job at the most important, meaningful role you have

You feel capable and confident in your parenting abilities

You know you'll have a positive relationship with your kids for the rest of their lives

You look back with no regrets, knowing that your dreams of happy parenthood were fulfilled

You feel so much lighter, without all the fear, anxiety, worry

You're free from the desperation and time it takes searching for the solution

And ask yourself...is all that not worth investing the time and money to make it happen (the cost is about the same as a daily coffee from Starbucks)

Join us in League and we'll make it happen together.

"This seriously has changed my heart and my brain! Can’t imagine where I’d be without it! So worth it. Works with kids of any age!"

– AM, mom of 10 kids

"My kids are finally listening to me!"

– Marie, mom to a toddler and a 12 year old

"You light the path so I have a chance at creating an amazing relationship with my daughter. You are a gift in my life, I truly mean that. "

– Melissa, single mom of a 6 year old daughter

"CMP is helping me be a better mom. Thank you for listening to me. I love being a part of your group, Andee."

– Laura, mom of 3 kids one on the spectrum

League opens on August 1st

The next League intake is is coming up. Don't risk missing it... get on the waitlist!