Intentional Model

I love thinking amazing things about my kids.

I feel empowered!

My kids feel supported!

We all show up better!!!!

Here’s one of my amazing thought loops I created about my kids.

🧠 MY THOUGHT: My children are doing the very best they can.

>> When I think that thought I feel…

❤️ MY EMOTION: Trust

>> When I feel that emotion I start doing…

💥 MY ACTIONS: I wake up and choose to believe in my children. I up-level my parenting 1% every week and don’t beat myself up that I’m not further along. I trust that what I’m doing is enough to change the trajectory of my life. Then my perfectionistic brain relaxes. I get curious about what my kids need and what I need to do to serve them better. I create parenting protocols to help me in tricky situations. I remember that everything is an opportunity to learn.

>> As a result of all of these actions I create…

🙌 MY RESULT: I trust myself and I trust my kids. We all keep getting a little better each and every day.


See how that works?

I refocus my brain on a thought I can 100% believe in.

I put my attention on what’s working and how I can do better instead of on how I’m failing or where my kids are falling short.

I don’t think of parenting as something unpleasant that I have to do.

I don’t think of my kids as needing to be fixed.

I get a bit better at believing in my parenting, and my kids a little more each and every day.

The thought, “My kids are doing their very best in this moment.” — broke my brain and completely turned my world upside down.

At the time, enjoying parenting sounded about as possible as enjoying a colonoscopy.

At first, I didn’t totally believe it.

BUT it got me relentlessly curious, set me off on years of active trial and error and exploration…. to see how this thought could be right. I wanted it to be true.

…and the result?

💗💗💗 Connect Method Parenting 💗💗💗

Connect Method Parenting would NOT be here if it weren’t for the tiny seed this thought sowed all those years ago.

It changed my life.

Want to learn more? DM me or comment below. I’m about to open up my membership again for those ready to create so much confidence with their parenting and connection with their kids that nothing shakes them.

xoxo, Andee

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Andee Martineau

Andee’s a mom of 6, reformed yeller, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting. She’s on a mission to help moms feel in control, bring the fun back into parenting, and ditch the yelling, corrections, and endless feelings of failure!

Can you imagine your kids happily listening to you, helping around the house, confiding in you, and getting along with their siblings? She’s got you covered with simple, scientifically-sound steps to do just that (that actually work. For real!)

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