Frequently Asked Questions about Connect Method Parenting.

Connect Method Parenting is your source to becoming:

  • Powerfully Persuasive (your kids are gonna WANT to listen)
  • Magnetically Connected (creating awesome relationships with your children)
  • Fun & Enjoyable (like you always thought parenting would be)


Feeling smooth. Parenting will just be humming along because you’ll know exactly what to do to keep chaos at a minimum, no matter what the kids are up to.

Or to get all technical…it’s an approach to parenting based in developmental psychology and attachment theory married with a mindset and whole body transformation framework. 

Ya know basically it’s everything you need to know so you can build relationships with kiddos that feel amazing, creates an up tick with the listening and a down tick with the frustration and yelling — which makes parenting loads of fun!

I hear ya! I had similar concerns. In fact, I used to resort to using punishments, rewards, bribes, ultimatums, time-outs because I thought if I didn’t use them my kids wouldn’t learn right from wrong. But the method is the message. You can’t teach kindness while yelling. You can’t teach patience while impatiently telling them to stop their melt-down.

Using Connect Method Parenting creates better listening, better learning, better interaction, and better parenting! You’re not passively waiting around hoping things will get better, you’re intentionally making it happen.

Yep…BIG tantrums, BIG emotions, BIG frustrations, BIG refusals, BIG defiance are no stranger to me.

They can trigger your fight and flight response, making it pretty tricky to navigate them.

Connect Method Parenting helps you learn how to see BIG SITUATIONS are an opportunity for BIG CONNECTION. A doorway for better relationships and huge personal growth for us parents.

When I became a mom I believed off-track behavior was:

  • Evidence my child was purposefully being difficult.
  • The result of me not being a good parent.
  • An indicator that something had gone wrong that I needed to fix.

But there are other reasons your kiddos are having the tantrum and defying you.

  • Maybe a friend had said something to him and he’s struggling to process it.
  • Maybe his brother took away his toy and he didn’t know what else to do.
  • Maybe his homework was challenging for him, and he felt like a failure.
  • Maybe his sandwich had been cut the wrong way.

The most important thing is to understand why he’s having a tantrum.

His feelings deserve validation (*even if you think he’s overreacting).

Offer empathy, then you’ll open the doors to understanding and connection with him.

Let him cry if he wants to cry. Normalize his reaction.

Help him feel safe. Remind him that you’re there for them.

CMP has got the goods to help you show up calm and connected with your kiddos even if they are hard.

It works for every age – the principles are the same no matter if your kids are toddlers, tweens, or teenagers (bonus: it actually works for adults too!)

The application is slightly different for teenagers vs toddlers, but I teach you how to implement it for each age. I also teach you how to implement it for different personality types since each kid is unique.

League is a Connect Method Parenting coaching program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration, and exhaustion.

I’ll show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection. This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

League is the place where you learn to implement Connect Method Parenting and your parenting changes forever.

To get all the details check out:

Hey Andee...

Totally!  Nothing about parenting was like I thought it would be.  I read every parenting book and attended every parenting training I could.  Things did NOT get better. 

I WAS STUCK!!  I was exploding every day.  It took me years of struggling, failing, and searching for another way to parent that didn’t rely on punishments, rewards, bribes, lectures, or ultimatums before things got better.

It didn’t come easy.  I messed up a LOT!!!  Eventually, I created Connect Method Parenting. 

If I can figure turn around my parenting anyone can.  

Oooooh, great question!  

Answer…working with me is AH-mazing.  

The best and most challenging experience of your life.

“I think that success is having fun.” -Bruno Mars. 

I totally agree Bruno – so of course it’s going to be work but it’s also going to be fun.

For years I didn’t have fun with my parenting.

But ya know what?  

We’re smarter when we’re playing and having fun.

Play frees us up from the demands of life. 

Play helps us create deep bonds with others (ahem…our kids).

Play sets us up to creatively solve situations better (like the kids not doing their chores).

Play feels amazing.  

We’re for sure going to play and have fun while we’re upgrade your parenting tool box.

Haha…you’re a nosy one.  

I’m a bit of a learning junkie.  So here’s a short sampling.

  • Graduated college with my RN (registered nurse).  Loved working in labor and delivery.
  • Yoga Instructor.  My background with gymnastics has made this my go to exercise.
  • LCS Certified Life Coach. Amazing awareness and implementation tools to create massive change.
  • Certified Integrative Coach.  Incredibly powerful trama informed healing training. 
  • PSHY-K Faciliator.  Tools to help reprogram the subconsious.

League is a monthly membership program for parents who want to be at peace with their parenting and are ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration, and exhaustion.

I’ll show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection.

This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

You won’t get any judgy vibes from me.

We’re all doing the best we can!! None of us get it right all the time, and that is 100% the way it’s supposed to be.

If you catch yourself comparing yourself to others think of it as an indicator light that your self-love tank is low. 

You are amazing, 100% loveable, and worthy!!

True love is honoring yourself, your space, and everyone you’ve welcomed in.

A USEFUL question to spend time on.

How is it true that I am amazing?

Even if you feel like the best you can do today is B- parenting keep going.   

Do your best.

Stay curious.

And keep improving as you move forward.  

Your B- parenting today is going to give your kids A+ helpfulness.

OK OK I’ll play along.

I’m Andee.  Mom of 6 six, 3 boys and 3 girls ages 22-14.  

I grew up in Arizona. Oldest of seven children.

As a kid I loved our simple summer holidays to the mountains for two weeks with my 40 cousins and 4 aunts. We’d camp out for weeks in cabins built in the 50’s, no indoor bathroom in sight.

I was a competitive gymnast for years before using those mad tumbling skills to become a varsity cheerleader in high school (go Jackrabbits…yep that was our high school mascot)

My husband Scott was my first kiss at 17 (totally crazy right?!).

I was a Registered Nurse by 20.

I love to travel…especially Europe.

I’m obsessed with pastries (especially ones filled with cream cheese or Nutella).

I’m a minimalist who lives in a little cabin by a stream in the woods with my fam.

I’m a banna bread making pro (on Sundays I pretty much have to turn those brown babies into bread)

We have a sheepadoodle name Leia (like princess Leia on Star Wars) she’s enormous and has her begging skills for food perfected and we all LOVE HER!!!!

I think you were made to be a CMPer. That’s what you become the moment you subscribe. No hazing, promise. Are you ready? Join us in the League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents.

Questions about the League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents

When you sign up, you’ll get an email and text message with instructions for how to download the League app (works on iPhone and Android phones), along with the password you’ll use to log into the CMP Masters Course will be unlocked immediately and you can start listening/watching right away.

You’ll also receive notices about our next weekly live coaching call, a link to subscribe to the League Private Podcast Feed and an invite to join the League FB group.

You’re gonna love League!

There’s only one way this will work for me…and that’s if you are 100% satisfied.

I am very confident that you’re going to be blown away by League, but if for any reason you don’t see results reach out.  We’ll get to the bottom of out what’s getting in the way of you having amazing success and figure out what needs to happen to turn things around. 

Connect Method Parenting works with children of all ages.

It’s never too early or too late to start using connective parenting and see a huge shift.

Fabulous question. I figured you might be wondering so here’s the answer.
The League of Extraordinarily Connected Parents is a LIVE Connect Method Parenting coaching program.
For $999 you get lifetime access to the CMP Master Course PLUS six month membership to League. 
  • LIVE Weekly Calls.
  • The League FB group
  • Ask A Coach
  • The Private Podcast Feed
  • Bonus Trainings, Courses, and Replays

Having access to LIVE coaching is CRITICAL to successfully implementing Connect Method Parenting.

It makes all the difference. You don’t get this in just a course.

This level of coaching isn’t available in programs at this price point. I wanted to change that. I wanted anyone who was ready to dive into implementing Connect Method Parenting to be able to jump in and get to work.

I wanted to give you everything you needed to create real transformation (I refused to cut corners).

I knew for real transformation to happen League HAD to have…

  • Training and learning modules that were easy to consume
  • LIVE coaching to navigate real-life situations
  • Support and accountability to stay committed when things got tough

League offers ALL of these things. It’s is a no-brainer. Come as you are.

  • Choose to create something different using connection, not correction. 
  • Commit to staying with it, even when things are tough.
  • Create something different for you and your family.

93% of parents say they’ve resorted to yelling at their kids by the time they are four.

That’s because they’re using consequences and rewards to try to parent their kids. It’s not working!

Parenting has become synonymous with discipline. Yet parenting is NOT the sum total of us telling our kids what they can and can’t do. Parenting is about making it easy and fun for your children to thrive and fulfill their potential.

Time to change the conversation about parenting.

After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend workshops and watching online webinars, I realized that most parenting advice is focused on the theory instead of practice and kids instead of the adults.  Connect Method Parenting pays attention to the triggers and blocks that parents themselves have that prevent us from showing up the way we want to for our kids. They know better but they can’t do better–and that’s incredibly frustrating for a parent.

Unlike other parenting methods Connect Method Parenting uses Developmental Psychology as its foundation and a whole body implementation approach to empowering parents to change the way they parent and lose their dependency on consequences and rewards.

If you find yourself losing your temper and yelling often, you’re going to love Connect Method Parenting! 

You’ll learn what’s behind your frustration and uncontrolled temper. 

I’m a reformed yeller myself…so I get your struggle. After yelling for years I finally figured out how to stop yelling and letting my temper get away from me and I can’t wait to share what I discovered with you.

I’ve got the goods to help you get control of your temper and move from where you are to where you want to be with your parenting.

The frameworks I teach you in this course will be life-changing for you even if you aren’t getting the support you would like from others around you.

While I always love seeing both parents jumping in to learn and apply these principles, part of my focus for this course is on helping individuals recognize how much power and capability they have on their own.