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🔁 ONLY ASK TWICE! 🔁 The first time you ask and your child doesn’t respond…maybe he didn’t hear you. But when the second ask goes

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

When you don’t stay calm when your kiddos start fighting, making messes, or having melt-downs it’s not your fault. ❤️❤️❤️ 👉 You are fighting against

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On Listening

Listening👂 is a parenting superpower. 💥 When our child… >> messes up >> tell us about their hard day >> complains about homework >> is

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Backtalk is Normal

Backtalk is developmentally normal. 🧠 We call it a lot of things…backtalk, pushback, being sassy, etc… It doesn’t feel good in the moment…but it’s part

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