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5 Ways to Boost Cooperation

It’s pretty trying when you have to ask your child 25 times to pick up their room or brush their teeth. Here are some tips that boost cooperation.

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Hi! I'm Andee.

Mom of 6, reformed yeller, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting.

Trust me, I felt like a total failure every time my toddler threw a fit, my 10-year-old refused to do chores, or my teenager broke curfew and then told me “you’re the worst”.

Like you, I thought that punishments, bribes, time-outs, and ultimatums were the only way. And when those didn’t work, up went my temper, anxiety, and guilt.

Things changed when I started parenting with connection instead. My kids actually did what I asked! They confided in me! They respected the limits I set! I felt calm, confident, and IN CONTROL!

It felt like a miracle, but it’s actually very simple once you have the practical, science based steps.